Custom Building - Sometimes pressing X doesn't work?

I am new to Planet Coaster and learning how to build. Went through the tutorial ( - Planet Coaster: Tutorial 1 - How to build custom buildings) and I am playing with the roof. When selecting the roof and then pressing X, I am not presented with the option to do an advanced move.

I did download some buildings from the workshop and I am wondering also if I am using an object from one of those buildings that maybe doesn't play nice with the in game building options.

Can someone shed some light on this for me? - Thanks :)
Like what seeker7 said, they can't use the advanced movement.

The easiest way to tell if an object will allow advanced movement or not is by looking at the background of the piece's thumbnail.

Any piece that has a grid as the thumbnail background (Walls, roofs etc) is restricted to 90 degree angle rotation and only moveable on the grid.

Any piece that just has a white background (Scenery objects and some building parts) can use the advanced movement feature and be moved and rotated in any direction.