Powerplay Faction: Felicia Winters Cycle 118 Objectives

The following is intended for Federal aligned eyes only.
This format was clearly not stolen from the Hudson posts.


You are reminded that while we check and update Reddit often, your best source for up-to-date information and strategy will be at our Discord! Stay Frosty and Colonia is only a -473k CC system!


Consolidation: please hold your consolidation votes for now. Also remember that the "nominate XXX for expansion 0/5" option when preparing systems is a very odd, badly worded alternative way of casting consolidation votes - we advise you do NOT use it.


Deliver Nan's lunchboxes full of sweet Federal nutrition fortification supplies to the following systems to make sure they get fortified before cycle's end to help us meet our goals. Remember to drop 1T first to get the most up-to-date number so you don't fortify past 100%, because that's wasting your money and merits :D

V902 Centauri
HIP 47328


Blow up anything with ALD's name on it in Tujil. Lots of things there need blowing up.


We have no expansion this cycle.

Diplomatic Overview

As of Cycle 118:
Aisling Duval - Anime Squad Unfriendly
Archon Delaine - Best Pirates Neutral
Arissa Lavigny-Duval - Point Guns Here, Pew Pew Hostile
Denton Patreus - See ALD, But Unfriendly Pew instead of Hostile Pew Pew
Edmund Mahon - Clearly Needs a Diet, Neutral
Li Yong-Rui - #1 Source for Discounted Guns is Neutral
Pranav Antal - Space Hippies Don't Bother Us, Neutral
Yuri Grom - Hiding In Yuri's Private Gardens, Unfriendly
Zachary Hudson - Best Friends Forever, Allied
Zemina Torval - They're in Hospital, Unfriendly

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