Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Cycle 40 Priorities and Status (updated daily)

Priorities for 9th of Mars
This post will be updated daily between 3rd of Mars to 9th of Mars, usually at around 07-09 UCT or 20-22 UCT and increasing in frequency closer to the end of the cycle.

Previous Cycle Debrief
We passed all our goals but fell down a few positions. Still, we ended up with a better CC surplus. The bad preparation was soundly defeated but we earned no expansions this week which should be ok. This week we are targeted by Hudson again.

New readers
Here the Torval Strategy Team present daily strategies for coordinated efforts to support Zemina Torval.

The Torval Community has several resources available for players who are interested If you are dedicated to Zemina Torval we would like to hear from you. Please post us a private message in which you include your e-mail address and a screenshot of your right-side monitor to see your commander name and that you are pledged to Zemina Torval. A tip is to use an image website such as postimg.org to upload your screenshot and then just send us the link with your e-mail.

If you are new to powerplay, please read our
guide or What you can do here.

Understanding the mechanics of powerplay is vital to Torval being successful and so the guidance posted here represents what we believe to be the best course of action for our community to undertake. However, it is the contribution and efforts, no matter how small that make Torval a success story. Thank you!

Status Update - Updated 18:30 GMT+0000 (GMT Standard Time)
Fortification plan is complete. Consult the community board for tonights activity. If you are not yet in it, read "New Readers" to learn how to get in. Also - since it's the last day of the cycle - do not forget to put in your nominations.

Fortification Plan
Each week we fortify our preferred high value systems. We aim to complete fortification of these systems each week.
Ignore "Under Threat" - we want large haulers (> 400) to always focus on systems with the lowest % and smaller vessels (< 200) should focus on systems with the highest %.

Early in the cycle we try to spread the fortification, with some extra focus on systems with a high LY distance from Synteini.
From Tuesday onwards, all our commanders regardless of ship capacity should focus on completing system fortifications based on their Value.
see "Status Update"

Avoid fortifying systems not on this list.

Expansion Plan
These are systems we plan to expand to.

  • None.
Avoid expanding systems not on this list.
Preparation Plan
Save nomination points to the end of the week. We use them on Wednesday.

  • TBA.
We are looking for systems that meet most of following criteria.

  • ~90 light years distance from Synteini
  • Potential Profit listed as 62 or above
  • Station (not outpost) within 1500 light seconds of the primary star
  • Zero Contested Systems
  • Controlling faction is Corporate or any mentioned in the next bullet
  • There is a co-operative, communist, dictatorship or feudal faction i the system
If you manage to find one of these white elephants then please post a reply below with the details.

Fly safe Cmdrs!
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