Dark Rides and Simulators (and Terrain Presets)

I am a mechanical engineer planning to enter the amusement industry as an attraction designer. I am especially interested in technology and its integration with attractions.
It would be incredible if, just like in RCT3, tracked rides could be classified down to a generic theme and then theming the vehicles could be done in the ride options (this would be awesome for all rides, including flat rides, so I can add a sci-fi themed flat ride with a ride experience fitting for a western theme).
More specifically, dark rides should be able to have motion effects, including tilt, yaw and roll.
More dynamic lighting (i.e. color changing, fading, strobing, moving-head lights, beam angle adjustment, focal adjustment (to get a softer or harder edge on the beam), laser effects & projections)
Lighting can also include spline based strings of lights from point to point (like the current wires and paper lights, but with editable length and tension and light density and number of colors for bulbs and patterns (which could be created by specifying a number of colors to be used and then selecting the colors in pattern order on an option bar)). Also, light strips like LED edge and wall lighting or neon tubes, also with editable length. These types of lights can also have effects similar to DMX addressable lights where you can see a rainbow LED change colors from left to right, or even as shown on light strings with bulbs. This will also allow for classic carnival lighting such as marquee lights.
Projection screens and TVs (also can be used for queues)
More water effect types (including moving heads)
Triggers for ride audio longer than effects (a.k.a. music)
Triggers for off-ride events (time of day, proximity sensors, pressure pads, brightness, etc.) (also mentioned in another thread)
Simulator rides like the small museum simulators, to large flying and theater simulators (Soarin', T2:3D, Simpsons, Jimmy Fallon (*spoiler alert heehee* [yesnod])

Definitely being able to save paths and scenery to blueprints and also would like to see scenery have more blueprint options (especially in reference to buildings). An example of this could be having options under F or X but being able to use percentages in reference to the grid size. This would allow scenery to be gridable and placed in more locations symmetrically other than just the center. Also, a world coordinate system or building coordinate system could be implemented, so you can just change a value to move an object.

Lastly, I have noticed light sources that leak light through walls or other structures.
And, I absolutely would love a flashlight option for indoor and underground building. When the camera is zoomed low, it would be great to make the camera less sensitive to movement, as low angles are used for details and precision editing.

RCT3 also had a camera flyover editor. This would be a huge help for showcasing creations.

Terrain Presets:
What happened to all the unique terrains from the alpha? I was eager to work around the challenging terrain, but then noticed in the beta (and subsequent final release) that sandbox has only a flat option and no way to change the theme of the land in certain sections nor a snow texture (or snow-capped objects (which could be automatically generated with weather controls).

Thanks for reading! I am super excited about the future of PC and cannot wait to see what additions devs will add and what content (including mods?) the community creates.
More specifically, dark rides should be able to have motion effects, including tilt, yaw and roll.
You mean the carts right? I think more people like to see more option to create dark rides.
I mean there is so much scenery , so much options to create the perfect decor and theming for your rides, but so little dark ride options.

(I created a suggestion thread for trackless rides)