Guide / Tutorial Dav's Hope for the new commander

Context: Dav's Hope is an abandoned mining camp on planet A5 in system Hyades Sector DR-V C2-23 - it is a source of manufactured materials in 10 drop-points around the base (plus a "periscope" data point to scan for encoded materials).

Finding it: With the new DSS mapping tools you no longer have to navigate to the base using northings and eastings (planetary co-ordinates) on your initial visit, you can see its navigation marker in your HUD after mapping - but it doesn't appear in your nav panel until you actually go there. Here is a screenshot showing this from a clear-save commander:




P.S. I have uploaded a new video of a circuit of Dav's Hope, showing the material drop points and data gathering from the data point and a circling ship:

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Just there...
Nice description. Can recommend it (not the log method), but the mood of the site is just great. Also there are often ships circling the site, all of them clean and belonging to a system faction. Dismiss your ship anyway, just to be safe.
The site is really well build, and makes a proper 'science fiction' impression. Just driving around is fun. Scan all 6 data points to learn the story.
there are many abandoned camps with materials to collect around the bubble. Do not restric yourselves to Dav's hope. It can even crash with the excess of players in it.
Nice guide.

Would also add it is the perfect place to practise driving the SRV from the turret position: you can learnt to slalom around the buildings in relative safety :)

Also highly recommend Dav’s Hope in Solo mode, great place to visit to collect mats, great place to refine SRV skills and it looks terrific. Dismiss your ship, have a ball.
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