Day 64 of a broken background sim

The BGS has been fundamentally broken since the launch of 3.3. Despite some fixes there are serious problems with consistency of results, effort going to enemies during conflicts, positive actions giving negative results. Actions that work one day and not the next in the same system and conflict.

Long time players are departing in frustration. New squadrons are grinding themselves out of the game trying to deal with it.

Pretty much radio silence from FDEV on the matter. So much time invested in the development of the new BGS only to screw up the rollout and then not fix it. It is beyond a joke at this stage.

They've made such a mess of things that it will probably take a while to sort out, so I don't expect a quick fix. I'm sure they're looking into it though.
We are seeing some successes but there's a constant concern that triggering a conflict in a system where we have assets will cost us assets. It's not fun, and we've put objectives on hold - some for two months now.
I can say with complete honesty that the borked BGS has made me lose a significant amount of interest in the game. When the BGS patches were first released, my faction was unable to gain influence anywhere, no matter what we did. This issue persisted for a month. Now, we can gain influence, but mainly through reducing the influence of other factions. Conflict zones are still broken; ships sometimes don't spawn, the work put into CZs for a faction might now be attributed to the right faction, and to top it all off, the only alternative to fighting in the conflict zone, getting bounty vouchers, doesn't work for anarchy factions.

Left me with only PvP to do in the game, something that is quite boring when most of the tough competition is thousands of light years from the bubble. I hope this is fixed sooner rather than later.
64 days of a broken system and Frontier have not officially spoken about this?

well there was this:

Hey all,

Thank you all of your continued patience and feedback whilst we continue to tune the balancing of the faction simulation after Chapter Four, we are reading all of your feedback and acting upon it where we can.

We're happy with the galaxy's overall results from the specific balancing changes from last week's 3.3.02 update, but that was just one of many steps we've taken since the Chapter Four release as part of our on-going balancing process.

Letting us know that you're not seeing the expected results after Saturday's tick from your actions is useful feedback, but we need specific information to enable us to look into your particular circumstances.

To look at an unexpected faction result, such as "We pushed a lot of +inf% to Faction A through missions, bounties & trading, Faction B and C had a bit of +inf% in the same system from bounties, so Faction A didn't increase as much as we'd expect", as a minimum we need to know:
- the faction
- the starsystem
- the approximate date when you saw the unexpected result

In addition, to consider your feedback when we're investigating the balance of particular actions, such as a mission result affecting an unexpected faction, or some exploration data sales not having a positive effect then we'd also need:
- all of the above AND
- your commander name or names
- the approximate date / time or location of your actions

To make sure we can achieve the right balance, and make the best gameplay experience for everyone, when reporting on this issue please reply to this thread with a comment containing the specific information listed above.


and there was a mission fix afterwards in 3.303, at this pace it might be fixed by season 5.
Can we please just have a statement from FD that the current implementation of the 3.3 BGS is or isn't working as intended?
I'm no BGS player, but even I thought :eek: when both factions at Omega had 50% influence, after one of them just had an Tier 11 Mining CG completed.
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Can we please just have a statement from FD that the current implementation of the 3.3 BGS is or isn't working as intended?

Not official but....

Hey everybody (and any FD staff checking in),

We were chatting in our Discord earlier today, and this resulted in a list of bugs with the current BGS as far as we know. This seemed wise to share with all of the BGS community, and may be an easy list for FD to work from, should they come across this thread.

Edit (sunday): there is now a bit of duplication in the bugs, and some bugs are in there in slightly different wording, or highlighting a different aspect. For instance, it's pretty clear that all "negative" actions are positive at this point in time.

Known Issues with the 3.3.02 BGS

  • Explo data not working for inf (inconsistent results)
  • Trade not working for inf (inconsistent results)
  • Mining not working for inf (inconsistent results)
  • Assassination/Murder/Pirate missions give inf to the victim
  • Wars/Elections with factions on different inf
  • Factions gaining inf during elections
  • Inexplicable influence drops for ruling factions
  • Smuggling gives benefit to non-anarchist station owner
  • Wars being lost while working hard for the losing faction (without opposition)
  • Possibly all negative influence effects not working, or all missions targeting factions give positive influence, economic, security or conflict benefits to the target faction, leading to no Famines or Bust throughout the galaxy, and minimal Outbreak
  • Installations messing up scenario factions and rewards horribly
  • Assassination targets still fail to have Mission Target tag sometimes
  • Massacre missions can target own faction
  • CZ NPCs fail to spawn
  • Salvage/assassinations sometimes don't have any signal to find with FSS - this is for the meet contact in other system wrinkle, have to scan nav bacon for the thingy to trigger. The target appears in system, even jumps into other USS where you are, but its not tagged as target
  • Murder broken/doesn't affect influence or conflict states
  • Some conflicts seemingly broken and all actions benefit wrong side
  • Inf does weird stuff while there are multiple conflicts in one system
  • Wartime massacre missions targeting the source faction
  • salvage missions gives "red" extra rep and increased inf to the faction the cargo was salvaged from
  • Installation scenarios give the same faction on both sides, while not being the owner of the installation

If you have more, post them below, and I'll add them to the list

  • Some factions lose influence instead of gaining it.
  • During a war, a faction offer massacre against its own npcs
  • During conflict, factions can gain/lose 2 positions (i.e. from Draw to Victory) in a single BGS tick. When this happens the faction status summary counts each jump as a day, so you go from 1 day of domination to 3 days of domination
  • negative trading is interpreted as positive actions for station owner now
  • Some systems seems also to be stucked at particular influence threshold, fluctuating by 3-4% despite all kind of positive and negative actions done (i.e. 10 Kappa Pegasi). This in particular seems to be partially related to bigger population systems (Kammato suffers this issue occasionally)
  • In CZ the defeat of a capital ship cause the victory bars to disappear, resulting in neverending battle
  • we did a test on untra-quiet systems [ones that have not changed influence in the last 10+ days] we did 10 points in missions of various types (but not shopping missions) so black box, surface scans, data delivery, assassination etc. In each system the factions the mission were done for FELL in influence
  • in War fighting for our side had either no, or a negative effect for the faction. We completed around 40 scenarios and made around 40 combat bond drops on day 1 of the war and lost it, despite moving our security slider a long way and the oppositions not moving at all. We won the war using bounties and left the CZ completely alone
  • biowaste mission delivery from agriculture are extremely rare/ non existent
  • CZ : killing SLF has same impat than killing a player
  • The PlayerJournal does not contain the correct value for Influence in the MissionComplete Event. It shows '+++++' every time
  • 10,000 commanders dropping data and mined goods for a CG 5kLY out is tanking the controlling faction
  • no activities seems to lower the economy slider
  • War won with Total Victory. Inf gained for winning totaled a 1% gap
  • two more non-functional wars now - plenty of points in, our slider moving and a draw declared
  • wrong mission types spawning
  • Influence in my home system is all over the place, the factions have been gaining/losing influence at such a pace that it has been a perpetual cycle of (civil) wars. Despite all this the controlling faction has been in Investment and Civil Liberty for ages
  • Biowaste Missions don't seem to be causing Outbreaks

some were indeed fixed in 3.303 but still fundamentally broken. many of these bugs appear intermittently, which kinda makes it worse.
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