Dear Developers, please increase or remove the 8x8x8m limit to TMK creations

Chante Goodman

Community Manager
Hello Not_Dipper! We're still working on some improvements to the Toolkit and we'll update you once we have more information. We're currently focusing on some more urgent matters our players are experiencing, and will have fixes for those issues soon. Your feedback has not been forgotten [yesnod]


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How long will this update be?
I kindly ask you to stop asking how long updates are going to take. It has been said before; Frontier can't respond to this question because there is no answer until the update is ready for release. Asking how long it is going to take will not speed up the process.

Frontier will release information about updates as soon as they are ready to release it, and will not announce anything, including answering your question, until they are ready.

Please keep that in mind and stop asking this question. Any further questions like this may be considered off-topic.

Thank you for your cooperation!
Hey, it’s not like I’m asking you to make an update for me. I was told to come here so you could tell me why there’s a limit and that’s what I asked- but it was never answered :( I think it’s safe to assume it was ignored after 3 months of waiting.

Is there even a reason?
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