Deep Space Network


<< The communication network dedicated to explorers for exploration and expeditions >>​

The idea of creating a French communication network such as this stems from the success of the Summer Great Expedition 3303. This exchange platform enabled many explorers from all communities, both French-speaking and international (English-speaking and German-speaking), to meet in one place to share information, places, tricks, projects, etc...

The objectives are to allow anyone who wishes to have information, to make an exploration, to create an expedition, to have a place or to be able to share their discoveries and their future projects.
In a second time, all french-speaking explorers are grouped together in one place.

Deep Space Network (DSN) is not linked to any faction, no group, no corporation, it is independent and neutral. It has no leader, it consists only of explorers. His vocation is not politics.
All its members come from various backgrounds; Empire, Federation, Alliance, Independents, but they have no interest or influence on the network.

Everyone is welcome on the network as long as your intentions are linked to exploration and / or expeditions on one side or the other. It is a place of sharing and exchanges.

On the DSN you can have diverse and varied information or actors of projects related to exploration such as the Galactic Mapping Project in connection with Elite: Dangerous Star Map.
You can also find a section dedicated to the development of ships of all kinds with the participation of everyone to help each other in the optimization of the aircraft.

Don't wait any longer, join the Deep Space Network !

Access to Discord :
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This is a great idea.
This will help to increase diversity amoung explorers and will opening the french comminuty too.
Exactly, the objective is to bring together the community of French explorers in the same place and to involve them in future community projects.
Je ne comprends pas que je suis un explorateur anglais&#55357;&#56842;
Everyone is welcome obviously, we have some English / German present on the discord already. On the contrary, it's a good way to communicate with each other. Join us and you will judge for yourself, a room is dedicated to international Commanders.
Sjø vu dre un kaffe o lait silvu plait...

There you see! I speak french :D ;)

Seriously though - a fine initiative and Ill sign up immediately :)

(You will just have to stick up with my poor skill at french...)
Oh mon Dieu ce français ! :D

No problem for us, we had to adapt to English because of Elite... And our English is not terrible either. [alien]

You're welcome !

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