Developer Spotlight: Brendon Morgan

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Welcome to the Jurassic World Evolution Developer Spotlights: in this four-part series we will be highlighting some of our incredible developers who continuously drive the game forward behind the scenes and on your screens! For the next four weeks, you'll be seeing a written post every Tuesday, followed by a behind-the-scenes glimpse photo on Wednesday, and a livestream on Thursday.

Please give a warm, welcoming T-rex roar to:

Brendon Morgan, Producer.

Hi everyone,

Thanks for having me; it's great to be the first of our team to be invited to this series! If you are interested in learning a bit more about what goes on in the Jurassic World Evolution development team and about Production in videogames this might be a good read for you.

I'm actually relatively new to Production - I used to be a Customer Support Lead at Frontier - but I've learnt loads about the role and the game since I've started in the team. Game development is a lot of hard work, and so much thought goes into every single decision! As a Producer, my role focuses on tracking development progress and making sure everyone on the team has enough time to do their tasks. There really are no normal days; I attend to my meetings and emails, track people and tasks, and prepare for future updates and ideas our team have come up with.

From concept art to animation to audio, the Production team (it's not just me!) are there to make sure everything is running smoothly in a team that continues to grow. Our team is active as ever, and we always have lots of new developers joining us as we continue to work on updates and plans for the game. It's my job to streamline the whole process of an update, starting from its early conception all the way to its launch. I have to make sure all the teams are aligned to the same goal, and that everyone knows where we are heading. We've got a lot of passionate developers here, so part of being a Producer is also making sure everyone on the team is happy with the direction of the game and with their workload, so that they can come in every day with fresh ideas and more dinosaur inspiration!

Jurassic World Evolution is very fun to work on, but it can also be tricky for a number of reasons. There's a lot of moving parts and one aspect of my job is making sure everything arrives on time. Getting this right can be quite challenging, as there are a lot of highly detailed assets that can take a significant amount of time to create. But the Jurassic World Evolution team is incredibly talented, and we have a great time working together. It's amazing to see the work they do go from sketches and ideas to final creation. We also always want to make sure we do right by our partners at Universal. This is very different to working on our own IP, but we take great pride in our collaboration. They have literally opened the gates to Jurassic World for us, so we want to make sure that we honour that title every step of the way.

The best part of my job is getting to know the people who play our games. Last Friday (8 March) I attended the first Community Meet at the Natural History Museum, and that was great! The reactions to the game are so important to us, so hearing them directly from some of you at the Meet-up was absolutely brilliant. From my time in Customer Support I learned that all our communities are just so passionate about the games they play, so it was very special to experience that in real life. We read all of the comments on our social channels and our forums; they are important to our development process, and we love to hear what people think about the game or how they use certain features. I can't wait to show you what else we have in store this year; our team is committed to bringing you more exciting Jurassic World Evolution updates for sure. Another thing I love about the Jurassic World Evolution community is the quality content you create; you are able to capture the game in so many ways we've never seen it before - that is truly special to us.

I hope I was able to shed some light on what it's like to be a Producer on a big title like Jurassic World Evolution! I'll sign off by telling you my favourite dinosaurs: the Edmontosaurus and the sprightly Troodon, for sure!



You can say hello to Brendon on this Thursday's livestream at 12PM over on If you have any questions about being a Producer or working on Jurassic World Evolution, please pop them on the thread below.
Welcome, to Jurassic World (Evolution Forums :p)!

This will be a lot of fun to read and pass the time until the update! Looking forward to the Tuesdays - Thursdays of the week. :)
Really nice seeing some of the people who put lots of hard-work in highlighted. Great idea, Bo!

Brendon - thanks for shouting out the meet-up. You were an absolute pleasure to hang out with - and your passion for this game was clear from the get go! Expecting great things to continue coming from you. ;)
Oh I do have a question if you don't mind:

What is it like to work on a game that is based on a film franchise that has just passed its 25th anniversary last year? Moreover, a park management game based on the franchise where it's last attempt at a park building sim, JP:OG, was 15 years ago?
Thank you Frontier team for this initiative. I really enjoy playing this game, which brings me back to childhood, and I am delighted to discover behind the scenes. And of course I’ll be there for Thursday’s stream!

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Here is the Developer spotlight livestream from earlier today with Bo and Brendon:

ok lets see what hint of whats to come is today last time it showed a early summer update or dlc and something cool so whats next maybe something like a shaded image of a outline of something
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