Diary Of A Returning CMDR

It's been a long time since I've played ED.
A mix of real life stuff (it's sunny outside), internet issues (sky couldn't maintain a stable connection, but BT can...lol), and other games (Dying Light, Mass Effect Andromeda) has kept me away, and broken the vicious cycle of grinding for he sake of grinding more. Lol

Anyhoo, so my games all up to date with whatever the latest version is. And I'm logging in...

Day 1, Time: 10:00
Logging in, no friends online. Good start!
I'm hoping nothing has changed, bindings wise. Either way. In I Go! I don't remember what ship I was in, or where I parked.
Selecting Open...

I'm in a DBX! But where?

In...uh... Synuefe ZL-J D10-119.

With 52% hull.

Landed on planet 9 B. Next to alien ruins.

What was I up to last? Where the am I?
What a random place to quit the game...

My cargo hold has a load of alien stuff in it. I guess I was doing something with he alien ruins.... Not any more!

Back to civilization I go.... Wherever that is.
Christ, I'm a way out... Setting course for, uh... Sirius will do. Lol

19 jumps! NINETEEN!?

Why did I do this to myself!?

... Off I go...

CMDR Cosmic Spacehead
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It wasn't my intention to be playing again until Q4 is brought online.

That was after I returned from a trip to the Great Annihilator, I was testing to see if it was feasible to take the Cutter (@29LY jump) on the upcoming DWE2 trip.....it's not!

I was then going to park up wait.
But with update 3.1 came the Krait, bought one & kitted it out.

Since then Iv been to the Guardian ruins sight to get the blueprint needed for the Guardian FSD Booster, bought 4 grade 5's & fitted 4 to my ships.

I then decided to finish my Empire ranking....I'm now King!

Now I'm finishing my Fed ranking, currently 15% Vice Admiral.

All in my 'recently new' Krait.
Get yourself a Krait, realize that you were attempting to unlock Guardian FSD booster, go back to the place you started today because you need to be there to unlock it. :D

Seriously, get a Krait, it's really nice ship to have.

Are you gonna keep this video diary up for a while do you think? Could be quite interesting to see what (if anything) you find different and what you decide to do now.

Are you gonna keep this video diary up for a while do you think? Could be quite interesting to see what (if anything) you find different and what you decide to do now.
I'll probably keep it up for a bit. Currently just doing to real life chores while I decide what to do. The krait sounds intriguing. Might just have to get one!
Day 1: 1300 hours.

So, I was going to buy a Krait MkII.
My first thought, is where to get one near Sirius....

Turns out they sell them in Sirius.
Highly convenient!

But I ran in to a small problem...

Guess I need credits first! Bah!

CMDR Cosmic Spacehead
Day 1, 1420

Went for the high paying skimmer missions, in my trusty Eagle, "Steel Talon"

Ermm, sorry guys...


8mil later, I could technically buy the Krait, but I need more money to outfit and insure it
I could just sell my Corvette. I never use the damn thing...

CMDR Cosmic Spacehead
I remember you... you used to spam the suggestion board with all sorts of "ideas".

Welcome back. The grind is right where you left it. :p

Though, that certainly is an interesting place to have "quit" the game for a while.
Welcome back awakened from your ED hibernation pod, OP. Yes, as others have mentioned , getting back to the (newer) guardian ruins to collect the mats and blueprint for the guardian FSD booster is very much worth it (where it can almost halve your number of jumps, and effectively open up the "fast lane" in the bubble). Enjoy all the new changes also, new engr'ing, (sharing) winged missions, and so on. o7
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