Dinos paddocks

Am i the only one whos bother by the needs of the dinos? when i first unlock the T.rex, i tried to recreate a similar paddock to Jp, with lots of trees, but apparently she prefer little to no tree and a lot of grassland, on the contrary the brachiosaurus needs lots of trees, i think this should be rebalanced, i like that there are needs for the dinos, but i think carnivores paddock should be full of lushy jungle, on the contrary the bigger herbivores should require more grassland
It would seem that you're correct about Rex, as many sites saying that they preferred forested areas. The Brachi doesn't seem so clear, with conflicting information on whether they preferred forests or flat plains with tress nearby. I do know that my enclosure for Brachi is big so there's actually quite a bit of both plains and forest, which feels right to me since it's both plenty of space to both eat and move around. I'm not necessarily bothered by inaccuracies, since those would be easy to fix.
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Yeah, some of the dinosaur needs are ridiculous. Rex needs to be lurking in the forest. Brachiosaurus needs to be strolling through the grassland. Hope it gets balanced.
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