Discovery Scanner - Coriolis

The discovery scanner (advanced/intermediate/basic) is now the FSS (I keep forgetting what that stands for) and come the 3.3 update on the 11th will be an integrated module on all ships (i.e. it comes fitted by default and won't use up an optional slot anymore - if it's already fitted you'll get a refund and a spare slot!). I guess Coriolis is ahead of the curve?
Are you looking at That is updated for 3.3, use the usual for 3.2 builds.
Nope I just checked Coriolis and the normal (i.e. non-Beta) version has the Mamba and Phantom listed and the Discovery Scanner (BDS, IDS and ADS) has been removed. Seems the people who run Coriolis are a little ahead of the game :D
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