Scenarios DLC research in scenarios - FIXED! - Update to Dizzy's Swamp World

Well, it's about time! With each update that included new rides, old scenarios that used research as a game element became more badly broken. Until now. Finally DLC rides are available in the research tree.

Unfortunately, by default all DLC rides are available in custom scenarios, so scenario creators who wish to disable DLC rides or make them researchable have to update their scenarios. Rule of thumb: If the scenario uses scenery from a specific pack, then its okay to make rides from that pack researchable or available. If not, its probably best to disable those rides.

I have several scenarios in the workshop that need this attention. I've updated one of them so far: "Dizzy's Swamp World." Research was supposed to be a significant part of this scenario, and finally, it is once again. The scenario also has reasonably challenging hotel and fireworks objectives. You'll need to build a decent, profitable park to complete its objectives.

Even if you don't like scenarios, you might enjoy a short stay at the Mosquito Pines Hotel, or Camp Soggy Bottom. Or maybe not. :unsure:

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