CQC Double CQC Elite :P

I know a guy from Hawaii who clocked CQC Elite rank at least 3 times. There are elite players in Asia, Europe, America.. the only continents without CQC Elite players are Africa and Australia afaik.

Where are you from Morbad?
Hi I'm fairly new to ED and this is my first post here. Are there some other groups or resources into which I can look for cqc on PS4? I tried the discord link in this thread but that place looks pretty inactive. The one time I've been able to get into a cqc match it took over 10 minutes to find a single opponent and he was much higher level. He mopped the floor with me a while, I think LET me kill him once out of pity (my only kill in cqc) and then he got bored of destroying me and quit after maybe three rounds.
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