DSSA Argonautica

A bar out on the frontier:

Peleus "Hey Jason, you seen Achilles lately?"

Jason "No, thought he was headed home."

Peleus "Don't think so, seems there's a new sector in the galaxy called Achilles's Altar."

Jason "What? He set himself up as a god or something? That guy what a heel."

Peleus "Should we get the crew togther and go find out?"

Jason "Going to cost a bit to get a ship that will get us there."

Peleus "Well we got quite a bit from our last trip, let's sell that."

Jason "Ok, as long as we don't get fleeced by those Devians again."

Panoramic zoom over large spaceship:

Jason "She needs a name."​
Peleus "Only one choice."​
Jason "No!"​
Peleus "But this will be epic, somebody will write about this one day."​
Jason "No!!"​
Peleus "Got it, 'Argonautica', sort of shippy and naughty at the same time!"​
Jason "I give up."​

So with that flimsy piece of backstory out of the way, lets get on with it.

The Expedition


DSSA Argonautica, captained by CMDR Argaric will be heading for the Achilles's Altar Sector.​
Funds are in place for a one year deployment.​
The DSSA Argonautica will be well provisioned to cater for the needs of you valiant explorers as you head out into the galaxy.​
Handily placed just on the right hand edge of the Achilles's Sector, it will provide a pleaseant stop over for those heading to the distant reaches of the 3rd quadrant.​
Services will include Repair, Armory, Shipyard (no ships bring your own please), Outfitting (see shipyard) and Universal Cartographics.​


The Argonautica will be based in the FEDGIE FN-Q D6-45 system, perfect for topping up your jumponium supplies, there might be some interesting stuff to see as well, we are awaiting a detailed report from our lead scout CMDR Slippery Jack.​

Sadly due to the incompetance of CMDR Slippery Jack we do not have a set of waypoints for this trip, apparently he made some notes but can't seem to find them.​

So in the true spirit of exploration we will head out from the bubble in a south eastlerly direction and see what turns up.​

Any and all are welcome, especially those that have some knowledge of galactic navigation!​


The Argonautica will be parked somewhere nearish Slough Orbital in the Vesper-M4 system, home of the Hammers of Slough, at least a couple of days before the expedition commences.​
The expedition will commence on 1st August, around tea time, weather dependent.​
Updates will be posted in all the usual places.​

More Information
Would be nice, but you can only work with the material that you have.​

In the words of Ovid, “Audentes deus ipse iuvat.“ (The gods favour the bold)

Lets hope so!
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