Release Dual TM16000M setup, possibly with extra TM TCS throttle

Looking around in EDRefCard I find several setups with two joysticks, some of them even with an additional throttle. I'm interested - I'd like to try out a setup like this. I'm currently using the regular TM16000M + TCS HOTAS setup and it works fine - however flying with the FA off is a bit challenging, given that the only practical way to use the throttle unit for lateral, vertical and forward/reverse thrust is to use the mini index finger analog joystick and front paddles, and I find the mini joystick in particular is difficult to operate with my left index finger for lack of precision of same. It would be nice to be able to do this with a real joystick.

Question - will ED recognise the two joysticks automatically without junking my old bindings altogether the first time I plug in the joystick and start ED? Or do I need to do something special, like using the TARGET software (which I have heard is a pain to use)? How about the same question for a setup with two joysticks and a throttle (I think I might not have enough buttons on just two joysticks...)?

Thanks in advance!
OK, so this works fine so far: two TM.16000M joysticks and one TCS throttle. The TARGET software was not needed. ED Options-Controls did not complain. This setup has greatly improved my ability to fly FA off (from "abysmal" to "just sucks", need more training but the steering has become much more precise). Placement of the various units plus the additional keypad (old Android phone) to be easily reachable has room for improvement though...

On second thought this thread might be in the wrong forum - mods, if you see fit, please move, thanks in advance.
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I used 2 joysticks previously and went to a hotas setup but I'm regretting it - although I don't play much. I am thinking of getting a left handed joystick to have the hotas and dual joysticks. I also have pedals and an h shifter ( G27 version running on USB hardware / adapter I made - I have a few left I am selling [ works with G25 / G27 since they have the extra buttons - it may work with G29 but not sure ] ).

Anyway, I used MS sidewinder 1 and 2 ( 2 has FFB ) and I also have a logitech 3d pro or whatever it is called. I upgraded the sidewinder 1 to that.

I don't really like the joystick for the x56. It's too high up, the buttons are awkward to reach - it doesn't flow in the hand well... It has very few buttons either but 3 hats ( 4 buttons each which could have been better suited for 9 button placements instead ).

What I did, since the x56 thumb micro-joysticks are absolutely terrible ( they are awkward to use, they are too large, the one on the throttle unit isn't easy to reach when your hand is on the throttles, etc.. ) with the dual joystick setup is this:

Pitch, Yaw and roll on my right joystick along with primary fire, and so on. The left joystick had up / down, left / right using the joystick itself... I eventually tried 1 joystick and put the left / right and up / down on the hat as forward backward can be done with throttle anyways... The various hats were for targeting, or the thrusters in dual joystick mode. Left joystick trigger may have been target ahead, etc...

I'll have to see if I can find the old binds file although I'm not sure if I made a backup of it.

But, I like the dual joystick mode much more than the hotas setup - also I used my pedals for throttle with the accelerator as forward only, clutch hold toggled reverse, etc...

I also have a custom voice attack profile, which I'm extending to do even more with EDDI and VA plugin. I do have the bindED plugin loaded now, though, which means no hard-coding of any commands but they must be bound ( even if they are weird ctrl alt shift x keys - as long as they are bound, they work )....
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