[INDEPENDENT] Dude, join Lebowski Interstellar

The Dude abides! If you are looking for a mellow group that allows maximum freedom, this is the squadron for you. We are new, but growing. Already have sweet painite and void opal sites. If you are interested in bounty hunting, mining, anti-xeno, exploration, or just doing your own thing, this could be the place for you. Totally open to newer players. Very casual format, no rigid guidelines or expectations other than to have fun. We are open to alliances with other squadrons, as long as they do not violate our Abide and Thrive philosophy.

Lebowski Discord Lobby

Inara Squadron Information
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I'm interested, but currently have no frame of reference.
Our squadron ID is DDST, we are a young squadron, looking for commanders to join and hang. Not opposed to PvP, but not into ganking or the like. The inspiration to our squadron is the move The Big Lebowski, which I think is available on Netlix and the like. Funny movie...not mandatory viewing but I'd recommend it.

Commanders will be free to pretty much do whatever they want. We do have some good finds on Painite and Void Opals. Currently I'm working on Guardian tech and eventually some Anti-Xeno stuff. We will also be forming some alliances with larger squadrons. Lots of stuff in mind, but down the road a bit until we build our numbers up.
Recruiting continues for Lebowski Interstellar. Anyone looking for a mellow squadron that will allow for maximum flexibility is welcome. US Central Time (Chicago) and other time zones are encouraged to join.

The best way to join would be to send a request through the in-game squadron menu. Look for Squadron ID "DDST" and your application should be approved within 24 hours.

Abide and thrive.
I'm happy to report Lebowski Interstellar continues to grow. The story of The Dude spreads throughout the galaxy. Nihilists need not apply.
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