[DW2] Distant Worlds 2 Arrivals Thread

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Hi Commanders,

I take my time to log in to this thread and that's a surprise to discover that Stan Alone and I were not the last to made it to Beagle Point !
Congratulations Highland Dragon !

I had big problems in my family in february, and I lost all will to play and to continue my journey. I had to fight for 6 months, but not in a cockpit... And I won ! But it was too late to arrive in time at Beagle Point.

My friend, Stan Alone, waited for me all this time, and we decided in october to continue our journey against all odds. That was a long and very interested trip, and we finally made it on december 18Th, we want to thank all the team for the beautiful points of interest and the organisation of the expedition.

We decided to made it to Salome's reach before leaving the edge of the galaxy. Now, we have to make our journey to the bubble, that's a long way from home ^^'

See you in space Commanders !




Thread Closed: Not open for further replies.
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