DW2 ? ... Really ?

I just arrived at Beagle Point today... The last LY were just a bunch of scoop & jump... but i'm in.
I'll stay for few days, in case some players wants to meet. :)

Commander Micha, if you're not too far...would be fun to see you on the far side of the galaxy.

Note: I don't have access to Moebius as well, no idea how to get invited there. :S
W00t, congrats on arriving! I'm afraid I've still got 10kLY to go to WP11, and then another ~14kLY to Beagle Point. At this stage I have no idea whether I'll make it in time for the cutoff due to RL.. but it'll certainly take me longer than "a few days" :)

There should still be plenty of people around though, hopefully you'll get a chance to meet up with someone!
I successfully made 6 more jumps in the dark... i'm now 65 505 LY from Sol.
That's the first time i'm using jumponium.

It's quiet fun and if i'm lucky enough i might able to tag few planets over there (even if most of the system are already scanned.)

I'll try to make some more jump trying to reach the limit, still 25 five jumponium remaining... so i can go further.
Congratulations Thrawn on reaching Beagle! It has been a long voyage - but I am so glad I decided to join the DW2 not only for the adventure- but the camaraderie and excellent sights along the way...Basically all of my ED life prior had been in Solo (as my combat skills - even when equipped- are not the best....probably need a better ship 😎) - but will now at least always belong to a Player Group (PG)...

Fleetcom and Mobius are two well known- exploration (or at least ‘non-combat’) focused groups...You said you already contacted Satsuma (but make sure you check the Fleetcom forum post to confirm that you are applying in the proper manner) - and you can apply to Mobius here (apply to your geographic region - but also sign up for inter regional ‘Mobius Factions’ - as that is what we typically played in during DW2):

Also - if you haven’t already done so - join Fleetcom’s Discord channel- where there is a very active player community- and easier to use (ex I can check in on my mobile when not actively playing) to stay in touch with fellow Cmdrs:

There are several different expeditions / routes returning from Beagle to the Bubble (I am running one too 🤩) - or you could look at the DW2 expedition- and visit the waypoints in reverse order...

Still plenty of Cmdrs out here in the outer regions...

Fly safe! o7
Greetings SpaceTrash,

This is what i call a nice answer. :)
There's plenty of interesting informations.
Thanks a lot for that.
Be sure i'll follow the link to join the Mobius group.

I submitted request to join Mobius and Mobius factions...
Let's wait for approval now. :)

I did few jump after beagle... Obviously every system is scanned (that the game when reaching touristic place).
I'll drive a bit on the rock i'm sitting and slowly go back to BP.

See you Commanders.
Hey since your at Beagle you could join us on our longer-route-home expedition, there are 40+ now heading clockwise round the edge of the Galaxy. Check this out:

Hey since your at Beagle you could join us on our longer-route-home expedition, there are 40+ now heading clockwise round the edge of the Galaxy. Check this out:

Both myself and Cmdr @Martyrius42 talked about heading back home via the east. Good to know there's others doing the same thing!
So far, i'm not sure my registration in Mobius group was vadlidated, hence still playing solo.

And i'll wait a bit more at BP, CMDR Redfox, with who i met in Sag A* during my first trip there, is on his way to BP.
I'll wait for him.
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