[DW2] The Fleet in Motion

Hi Fellow DWII explorers!

I thought it would be entertaining to provide a graphical view of the Fleet in Motion as we progress to Beagle Point via the method of little green blobs.

The attached screenshots show the current location of my DWII "friends" who at this moment number over 700! A big thanks to nearly everyone in the DWII squadron who accepted my Friends request, plus a bunch left over from DWI and anyone else I have bumped into.

The screenshots only show Commanders who are online and in the same mode. The screenshots below are for the Fleetcomm private group, there was no one in open or Mobius when I took these shots.

So if you like to join in for your 5 seconds of fame as an anonymous green blob then send a friends request to "pilot in red shirt".

See you in the black.



I’m one of those blobs (Cmdr Lig Lury Jr.) I need to send more friend requests as my GalMap has around four green blobs at the most.

It’s a great idea and I look forward to seeing the progression, hopefully with as many green blobs at BP.
The fleet is visible in the heatmaps already too:

Just to add context to this image, it's a frame from the animated heatmap with decay, meaning it's just recent activity that shows up brightly compared to the rest. I think we need to get further out before the cumulative maps show it as well.
Here's the traffic visible over the first two waypoints, up through Sunday:

Big Thanks to everyone for contributing. Here are the latest shots after waypoint 3 with everyone heading off.


Still a fair way to go to the Beagle point bookmark in the far distance! The bubble is the collection of bookmarks in the foreground (but you probably knew that anyway).

awesome, keep those heat maps coming on a weekly basis.

I wonder what that little block is north west of Colonia. Somebody up there is searching for something as you can see it growing from the 2 images....maybe Raxxla.
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