Dynamic events/occasions

I wanted to give a wall of text to completely support this idea.

Let's go over the game time real quick.

1 Hour of time played in real life is equal to 1 month in the game

There are 4 day cycles per month. Every cycle lasts 25 minutes.

Two months per season. (8 months total, or 8 hours worth of playing time)

That REALLY settles the pace of the park, as honestly most to all of us usually spend a long time building a new section of park.


Spring: Typically pretty slow, not a whole lot of people come to the park just yet, depending on the temperatures.
Summer: Highest point of the game, where a lot of people come to the park daily, depending on the temperatures.
Fall: Things begin to slow down, Ridership and people coming to the park depends on the temperatures.
Winter: Park is closed for these two months, which will allow for park updates.

You have six months of your park being open, where you can micromanage the park by adding a few thing here and there
Then you have two months of your park being closed. Just like a real amusement park.

How about this as well? We have the option to change how much time is what? I would say that this set up would be maximum time.
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Field Trip groups, wedding groups, government inspections, sneaky sneakers from competing parks... snowy weather, aliens...
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