General Gameplay Dynamic Wildlife

Because the maps in this game are made to have their unique personalities, I think maybe some dynamic wildlife can give them some more life to them, more specifically, birds and insects.

For example:
For the birds, an entity for a flock of macaws can be for inland and mountainous maps, while the entities for the more shoreline or isolated maps would be seagulls or what ever instead. I see them spawning in and out as what transport and fossil helicopters do when they spawn in and out of the gameplay maps outside of your general view of the maps.

At night, the flock entities would be replaced with some bats instead on any map.

(since helicopters can play audio files when in the air, maybe the birds and bats could do the same to some extent)

Then, for the bugs, more inland and mountainous maps could have some butterflies while coastal maps can have some dragonflies. All of these insects would appear as entities with two or more butterfly or dragonfly shaped animated sprites flying around the open areas outside of forest and on land by chance. These entities that spawn these animated sprites (that, of course, would need to be less in visual detail to not take up much rendering memories for the game like the current in-game parrots) would spawn by chance in an open field by making the sprites raise up until they're spread out, but can eventually despawn when they enter dense forest or above water.

And some fireflies that would do the same as the above mentioned butterflies and dragonflies, only they can spawn in any map regardless, but only at night, while the other two insects will despawn at night, replaced by firefly flock entities.

With the release of the Return to Jurassic Park DLC, I was thinking that if the conceptual idea of “Dynamic Wildlife” is to be a thing like I suggested above, I was thinking of something a little bit different for the two new 1993 maps.

Throughout the films in the original trilogy saga, there are these occasional white birds that fly on-screen. And I was thinking that if there will be macaws and seabirds for specific maps, how about give the two new 1993 maps (Isla Nublar and Sorna 1993) those “flying white birds” from the movies into those maps as just a tiny nostalgic touch, if that is to be planned and decided that is?
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