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o7 Commanders. This is a personal app I've been playing around with and using for a while. I decided to put it on the app store for free if anyone else wants to try it out and provide any suggestions for improvements. I originally tried making this app in React Native for Android support but it was slow and I just didn't like it so for now it only exists in iOS. I would like to make an android version in future but I don't know when that will be done.

Currently the Canonn data is a preloaded database bundled with the app which originally comes from Canonns APIV2. https://api.canonn.tech/documentation

Updating and reporting through the Canonn API planned for future update. Haven't decided on the best way to implement yet because I'm not sure how people would want to use it.

Version 1.0

Access your EDSM profile on your iOS device using your EDSM API Key
Access the Canonn Database APIV2 (EDSM Not required to use to access database information. Distances will calculate from SOL if no commanders are available.)

-To update any EDSM data it is just a standard table drag down action. API Calls are limited to once every 10 seconds to avoid spamming EDSM.

Current Database includes

-Thargoid Barnacles
-Thargoid Structures
-Guardian Ruins
-Guardian Structures
-Guardian Beacons
-Generation Ships

Automatically calculates distances from locations.

Locate barnacles with Meta Alloys and Materials that you are looking for.

Locate Active/Inactive Thargoid structures

Confirm your finds with the database to see if it has been previously discovered and reported.

Listen and read logs from Generation Ships.

Multiple Commanders supported.

App Store Link - iOS App Store
Website Link - EDAgent.net

Fly Safe - CMDR Rhaider
o/ I'm the head of R&D for Canonn (and the core dev for the Canonn API) If you have any questions or anything to feel free to poke at me here or on discord: DMehaffy#1337

Glad to see our data being put towards a good use!
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