ED Astrometrics: Maps and Visualizations

Yep, I do pull from the GMP. But for the GGGs, I mainly use the spreadsheet here:

Which I think was getting maintained from the main GGG thread here:

So the funny thing about going down these rabbit holes in coding, is that sometimes it's completely unnecessary. Trying to force the underrepresented boxels upward in size not only slows the program down a lot, but also has no meaningful impact on the resulting image. So.... I compromised and only enlarge those zero-size boxels a tiny bit.

Anyway, I have both the cutoff map, and the exploration saturation map added to the website. The saturation map is also in the interactive map now too. When people want to know where to go to find lots of unexplored space, we can just tell them to avoid the large red areas. :)

Here's how the saturation map is looking now:

(click to zoom, large version this time, 9000x9000):

Good lord I get that the core is ultra dense with stars, but I guess I never realized it was THAT dense. I was a little worried about setting up shop in the core and clearing out a cube as a little project and running into a bunch of discovered system based on how bright that portion of the galaxy is on EDDiscovery's map, but now that I see this I doubt I have much to worry about :D Thanks very much!
Small update: I'm trying out a different set of background maps for the "galaxy" views on the interactive map. It's a blend of the galaxy as seen in the game's galmap, and the galaxy as pictured in the codex map.
Yep, I do pull from the GMP. But for the GGGs, I mainly use the spreadsheet here:

Self-advertisement: you can find another at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zvY7Wj-NMJXFNTvHPzql-Iv0o_ZbkxyWuIG7TVXS4Y4/edit?usp=sharing, which is more up-to-date (25 entries vs 21), and has more data on the giants in it. It's maintained from the main GGG thread too of course.
Aha I did see your name on that thread there - one thing to note - they don't seem to be updating that first spreadsheet any more - it stops at 22, and we're up to 26 now. Marx started a fresh more detailed tracking sheet here, on page 24, April 30th :

Thanks again for the quick answer!

EDIT: Whoops, I missed the post-post reply. My bad.

Yep, I do pull from the GMP. But for the GGGs, I mainly use the spreadsheet here:

Which I think was getting maintained from the main GGG thread here:

Regarding your 'Sector List of "AA-A h" systems', would it be possible to add a column that shows the highest system number in the database?
E.g. PHROI BLOU is listed with 171 AA-A H systems, the highest number on EDSM is 477, the highest number in game is 485. That way one could estimate if a sector is nearly (or fully) completed or if there are huge gaps that are worth filling.
I don't know whether you have the data, but a fleet carrier time lapse would be nice.
Yeah, I'm keeping that in mind. I have partial data, enough that I can make something, it just won't have all carriers, since I think less than half of them are getting submitted through EDDN.
I split up the maps/charts/files/etc so that they are no longer all on one page. That was fine when the site was a lot smaller, but lately it's required a lot of scrolling and/or hunting for the right button at the top, and of course all those thumbnails would have to load, no matter what you were actually looking for.

This might require updating bookmarks etc, but I figure that's pretty simple. ;)

Question :

Would it be possible to get an Interactive version of Carrier Map with mouse-over to ID (Name, Owner, Services) a Carrier anywhere in the Galaxy (and System it's in) ?
That'd provide a superb overview of Carriers and what Services each offers.
AFAIK something like this doesn't exist yet in such a form.

(I for example saw other Carriers on that Carrier Map but often couldn't even find it with the limited GALmap Carrier Filter in-game; in most cases, lack of System Map Data for a Deep Space Carrier position would prevent checking out any details anyway)
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I can put some thought into that. It's tricky in that there's roughly 10,000 carriers now (more or less, depending on whether you include the carrier IDs that haven't been verified or updated after the ID reassignments). That's a lot for interactive map markers. Plus the data is only as up-to-date as what players submit through the network, so most of it is lagging behind anyway, or not completely accurate. Tricky problems.
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