ED commanders at FX

I am going to London tomorrow for FX Saturday (will spend two days roaming London too). So I wondered what other known forum commanders are coming? Is there any sister event forming?

Despite regular bickering, I am quite excited for FX. Hoping for some face to face conversations about game too.

See you out there - and others, have a nice stream watching!
I live in South East London, so for me the trip to FX is pretty straightforward (half an hour or so by public transport). I will be dragging my wife along, but she has already said that if she gets bored she will be heading to the Westfields.

Despite my recent, ongoing pessimism I am looking forward to the expo, albeit it tinged with a degree of trepidation.
Gonna be there with bells on!

Even managed to get my employer to pay for flights and a hotel! (...They mentioned something about a VMWare course in london the following week that I'm to attend too...*shrug*)


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A number of the Moderation team will be attending... You'll find us at the door telling people they can't come in without a Tie then propping the bar up in a tight huddle for protection..
As unimpressed as I am with Frontier at the moment, I nonetheless would have loved to attend; unfortunately it's just too expensive because I live in South Africa.
I hope everyone enjoys themselves, :)
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