EDDiscovery 9.1+ and Expedition Lists and Bookmark support

(a post to highlight this new support - please don't merge with the main gigantic thread)

EDD Discovery 9.1.X series will be adding new support for your expeditions. Specifically:

* We can (9.1.0) dynamically load new expeditions to your expedition commanders, or update the system list, without needing a new version of the program each time

* We can (9.1.1+ just about to come from Iain) add planetary bookmarks (planet name, lat/long, comments) to a specific location on a planet. Your commanders can use the built in compass panel new to 9.1 to select a bookmark and be steered accurately to a location on a planet for a meet up.

This means, as your expedition continues, you can get us to update the waypoints and planetary points of interest and your commanders will see the changes dynamically.

If you expedition is interested in this feature please post in this thread and we can arrange the expeditions and waypoints to be served thru EDD.

Dear Devs: Awesome work, as always! I can't even begin to describe how much EDDiscovery has added to the ED experience over the years...
All i need to get started is a expedition name, start/end date (UTC) and the system names..
I was going to share the details with you, but Major Klutz has already linked them for me

Beagle Point Expedition
Dates are listed on the expedition page and so are the waypoints but not the specific moons and coordinates.
Those are listed here ... https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eSiv6MvwYs_0VKMeGuFvo65e3_RTYEj64nr3ZDVnNH8/edit#gid=0
Thanks for adding the info Major Klutz
Will add and check this weekend.. may take.a few days as we are waiting for Ian's update
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