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This is one thing that bothers me since a while now. I feel there will still be a lot of restrictions in questions of individual rides, because as Sam seemed to have said, is that there will be no customisation on themed rides, like this little flat ride with the witch on top of it will look same in every park and it also seems that there wont be a ugc support, so im afraid it will be hard to make completly what you dream of, beacuse if u build a ferris wheel it will always have this kinda sun in front of it and so on..

so my suggestion would be, that frontier gives the ability to edit rides and take away some parts like the big witch statue and let me exchange it with something different and so on. Just like in Theme Park Studio, where you even can build your completly own flat ride and edit every little "machine" and physics. You can even build your own coaster car and stuff...

I have the feeling that Planet Coaster still gives way to many restricion and i really hope that i dont get the feeling to overuse the same things all the time! If this is the ultimate theme park simulation, they need to give us more freedom then it seems to be till now [yesnod][yesnod]

somebody with me? or do you think it would make the game too complicated? I mean nobody would have to edit their stuff and make custom scenery but it would make the game last longer! [noob]
yes, the thing that has bothered me in other coaster sims is how you have a genie on top of your ride in the western themed" village of your park. It looks awful and really kills it, rides with simple block structures can work best, we can theme around the rides and the colour will do enough theming for my taste.

It will get boring having to always have the same rides in the same sections of the parks, because they were themed that way. Less themed rides are better, like rct2's
Please! Give use Skeletons of the Rides, the Bare Bones. I personally don't want that witch in my park but want the Ride itself. I want the Wheel but Not the Star. I want that Tower Swing Ride but Not that Stupid Head on Top, a Magic Carpet Ride but No Stupid Genies. Let Us Theme them. I would rather have the Skeleton of the ride and Theme Around it.

When they are PreThemed, it makes it Hard to Enclose them. You have to make the Enclosure so Tall, it starts to look funny. For the Witch, your Enclosure would have to be 40plus feet high but with just the Skeleton of the same ride, it would only have to be 20 or so.

Even the Pentapus ( it only has 5 arms and not the 8 like a real Octopus ) It's Fine but Give it to Unthemed aswell for Enclosing it in a building.

If anything, there should be a Unthemed Bare Bones version of every Flat Ride that will fit in Any themed area of the park and not stick out like a soar thumb because you want a particular ride in a area but it don't fit the theme because it's prethemed for a predetermined themed area of the park. It makes it Vary Limiting to place the rides you want, Where you want.
Maybe this is something that can be mentioned at the Press Event, by one of our CHC representatives. I can see the point of being able to change parts of the rides, to fit the theme you are creating.
I'd like it if you would be able to build on a flatride without messing with the base ride itself. Like with the witch ride, take off the witch, and put on idk a Western thing on top then change the colors of the ride. Like darkspore's hero builder where you couldn't change the creature, just its accessories
I hope they have base models for each flat ride and then you can customize it with different pieces of art/scenery too... Or have different styles to choose from for each type.
I hope they have base models for each flat ride and then you can customize it with different pieces of art/scenery too... Or have different styles to choose from for each type.
that would at least be a ok solution, but i also like the idea of customisation for everything!
This has always been something that has bugged me about most Theme Park Sims. I do like the idea of having the base ride, but then being able to edit any additional scenery to fit the theme of the are or ride. [up]
I agree. I would love a extremely generic version of all ride with only light and color. Then U can place your own scenery by disabling collision.

I loved ride like this in rct3

IT could be made to work in any theme.
Totally with you, again.

We talked about this before. We want generic rides or the option to switch of their theme objects.
I've been hoping this was the case for a long time and I don't think it it. I think modular building is strictly for building structures, I'd be surprised at this point if the rides could be altered to allow for different theming.
Due to how much detail goes into some of these rides could you imagine how long it would take to do one flat ride in 5 different themes.
Would you rather a well themed flat ride or a generic ride with 5 average themes?
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we have hyped this game to better than air itself so breath............................... in 5days maybe 6 (depends what time they flick that download button) (bret go change date time for them pretty please lol)[tongue]


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I was thinking, more along the lines of a generic flat ride you could plop custom scenery on using the modular tool. I guess you could do this to a certain extent anyway.[yesnod]
Yes, a big +1 for this [up]

I think it's very important to be able to customize some parts, like the witch ride. If we cannot change anything on a themed ride, it will be very boring to use these rides and we'll not be able to fit the scenery. We must have the possibility for generic ride or to be able to change some parts of the ride. Let's hope to see this feature in the game before Q4 launch.
I vote for generic as well. I'm not much into theming, but I do like to choose colors and lighting.
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Yes, I like the idea of letting the player to put the decorative parts on to the ride yourself. That would make the game customisable on the next level for real! It wouldn't be more difficult than the function of letting us placing entrances and exits for every ride.
Just a rough menu of different themes to change between would be next gen as well.
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