Release EDRefCard - makes a printable reference card of your controller bindings

guessing steam controller support was no then oh well :)
I'm not opposed, but the question is, what device is behind the Steam Controller API? Is it a PS4 DualShock? Is it an XBox1 controller? Since I can't determine that from the bindings file alone, I'm in a bit of a fix.

The situaton is similar for people using "Joystick Curves" etc.

I could probably do some work to allow the user to submit an override of the controller type on the form, but then I'd probably get a ton of error reports from users who selected the wrong override. It doesn't sound worthwhile to me.

Great utility. Should be part of the game. It asked me to report my unknown devices. I have some oddities:
1. My Warthog throttle has the delta-sim analogue slew upgrade. PRobably doesnt matter.
2. My left hand stick is a VKB Kosmosima (Space Combat Premium) on Gunfighter Mk 2 base
3. My right hand stick is a VKB Modern Combat Pro, on Gunfighter Mk 2 base, with twist grip (yaw) upgrade

Let me know if I can help in any way - thanks :p

Love this utility, but it is not picking up my Pendular Rudder Pedals. I'm also not sure exactly how to not use the Thrustmaster TARGET software, since it seems to REALLY want it. That said, I'm actively managing my keybinds in Elite. I just have no idea if the Target software is interfering.

Here is my reference code: jvejjq

Also, if anyone has a better keybind setup for the warthog HOTAS with Pendular Rudder Pedals, I'm all ears!
Thank you SO much for this invaluable tool!

I just recently upgraded from a ~20 year old Microsoft Sidewinder joystick to a Thrustmaster T16000M FCS stick (no throttle), and going through the Elite Dangerous control mapping nightmare all over again is a daunting and unpleasant prospect!

Your superb tool will make it MUCH easier to tweak, optimize, and memorize my new control settings!

P.S. My old Microsoft Sidewinder joystick ( generated the following unknown controller error: qyilvq Probably not much demand for it now, but let me know if you'd like a clean high-res photo of it!

thank you for your dedication. Unfortunately, it cant seem to recognise my DS4 Controller:

Unknown controller detected
You have a device that is not supported at this time. Please report details of your device by following the link at the bottom of this page supplying the reference "sgjodq" and we will attempt to add support for it.

Hope you can sort this out

Fly safe!
Unknown controller
Logitech Freedom 2.4 GHz Cordless (looks like a Logitech 3D Pro but with 10 buttons instead of 12)

and also "sxqlex"
Trust GXT 555 Predator, also very similar to Logitech 3D Pro. Has force feedback which is uncommon.
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Unknown controller
..and other inconsistencies
The reported unknown controller is "lrmkhj " - the related inconsistency is that I'm running a dual Virpil setup, VPV WarBRD bases and VPC Constellation Delta sticks.
I think I have (finally) managed to set them up correctly as right and left stick - however, EDRefcard didn't get that right. It only shows me the layout of the left stick, but labels it as right stick. I suppose the right stick is the one that is not recognized.

I'll try to put it into a table - if I re-read the verbal description I just wrote, I'm only getting more confused, and I'm sitting right in front of them...
Physical assignmentLeftRight
USB nameVPC Stick leftVPC Stick right
EDRefcard nameRight VPC WarBRD Deltamissing
layoutshows left stick layoutN/A
Just uploaded my working ThrustMaster T-Flight One .binds and got an error pointng me here. The reference is: rgkzux This was generated from HCS, so that may have confused the system.
Just got my X56 Hotas today. Spent the afternoon customizing it to my needs. Without your website I would have been completely lost ! Thanks a lot for your work !!!! (y)
Hello there !
I just received my VKB Gunfighter MK.II with Kosmosima Space Combat Grip Premium-R in replacement of my old T.16000 and this is a really nice joystick.
I really would like to have an edrefcard map for this one, so here are the specifications that can be useful.

Four versions of the grip
  • Kosmosima SCG-L
  • Kosmosima SCG-R
  • Kosmosima SCG Premium-L
  • Kosmosima SCG Premium-R
Premium versions
This version is bundled with extra switches and can be customised like a standard version (see below).
  • A1 switch : Pushing on the #20 button switch the behavior from POV-switch to analog ministick.
  • B2 : The trigger can be pushed or pulled (27 or 26)
  • Fire : The trigger can be softly pushed or hardly pushed (1 or 1+2)

Standard versions
I didn’t find any map of this device but here are the differences from the premium version :
  • No B2 trigger
  • A1 is a Hat switch with center push
  • C1 is a push button
These joysticks are highly customizable with a software that push the setup into the device.
I can submit other informations (like my .bind file) and try to make some good photos if needed.
I have these joysticks also. Would be good to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Could you please add me in-game (Cmdr MacVern). Thx. (MacVern on Discord also)
Thanks for this. NOTE: Its been a while since I played (11 months) and I've added bindings for all the new keyboard control options. Now the keyboard part of the image is cut off on the right side, i.e. it's too small to hold all the items. But I also see that several bindings are duplicated in the keyboard listing...
I don't think this guy likes maintaining this tool. Wish someone else would take over.
You may have missed these posts:
I won't lie. My commitments on EDDI and SAGi have left me only few spare cycles to spend on EDRefCard beyond bare site maintenance.
While I have had to take a break from full-on coding due to illness in the family, I haven't been entirely idle.
New release 1.2.4
  • Amended the VKB Gladiator bindings: my thanks to KellyR (CMDR Analee Winston) for kicking my behind on this and providing corroborating data.
  • Added a new URL listing all supported devices by primary name and linking to:
* New endpoints that show the given device's button names in rectangles shaded in light green and outlined in red, to assist with (a) debugging button mappings and (b) aligning the rectangles pixel-perfect.​
  • Tweaked CSS styling and column width settings for /list and /devices to make the table neater. I'll be the first to admit this isn't my strong suit.
  • Reduced the maximum input length for the "description" field to 190 characters in light of the above.
  • Updated the forum thread URL.
I've updated EDRefCard to display the new bindings for the Store Camera and uploaded the 3.5 default bindings files and my own Thrustmaster TWCS binding with them aded.
If you have a custom setup you'll want to add your own bindings for the Store Camera.
This is a great tool but it really needs to show mouse inputs as well. Maybe you could just show a picture of a generic 4 or 5 button mouse with a clickable scroll wheel? Or just list the mouse inputs without a picture?
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