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Well, I said that we would open up on the 13th, and guess what day it is! OPENING DAY!

So, the link is posted below to join the discord! Please be sure to read the rules and guidelines channel when you join. We have a small number of staff members, whom are volunteers, so please keep that in mind when making request, sometimes it may take a little bit for us to respond, but we will get to it as soon as possible! :D

The role play will be mainly in-game and text based, so that members can role play within their ships with crew, etc - features that are not yet available in game. Upon the release of Odyssey, we will modify the rules based on new game mechanics. The purpose of the community is to give players an immersive in-game role-playing experience utilizing in-game voice (hailing vessels, etc), in game chat (comms, hailing, etc), Teamspeak 3 (Immersive RP Comms for Wings/Squadrons, and Discord text chat (for RPing in ships and buildings , etc). This has been a large project that I have been mainly working on myself for the last several months for a game that I enjoy immensely. The community will be operating in Open (PvP), and Private Group (PvE, Mutually Agreed PvP). Keep in mind, when playing in open, you may come in contact with public players not part of the role-play community, and this could effect your role-play! (Or just "role" with it like some of us ;) )

We have also added a Twitch channel which will host member's Twitch Streams.

Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/YvJz7eacTy
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