Elevators and escalators

I would love to be able to built in elevators in buildings, like a facility. And also being able to build escalators. Must have in theme parks. [happy]
elevators/lifts would be awesome for helping peeps get down to an underground section of a park! Thinking like a mine cart style that is completely underground!!!
outdoor escalators? because when they are for buildings i really want save-able pathing for our blueprints

or have building floor pieces that function as a path

Would be nice to have a elevator for some rides like "mountain rafting"
elevating the "car" inside the mountain to the top of it and then release it into the water!

Like the one here in Germany (Phantasialand)

Located at the Radisson Blu hotel (Berlin , Germany)

A 25m elevator surrounded by 1 MegaLitre of salt-water, containing about 2,000 fish.​

An elevator that looks like a tractor-beam would fit the sci-fi theme.

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