Elite Dangerous Issue Report - 16/11/2021


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Greetings Commanders! Happy Tuesday.

It's time, once again, for the latest installment of our Issue Report fly-overs.

Below you'll find the latest Top 20 table, based on your most voted issues in the Issue Tracker. Below that you'll find a bit of a status summary on where we're at with each to set expectations as best possible.

Note: The status and planned release of each issue is subject to change as various factors affect the ongoing development schedule.


Top 20 Issues

  1. Tiling Planetary Features - Investigation remains ongoing. This is proving to be quite an undertaking to plan and aim toward solving, but the team are still keeping it in their sights.
  2. Anti Aliasing Not Working Correctly - Investigation into further improvements is set to continue, however secondary to performance improvements. To a degree, aliasing has been mildly improved somewhat due to planet texture generation changes, rather than an anti-aliasing system change.
  3. Exiting the Game just hangs need to force terminate - Attempts at consistenly reproducing this error are ongoing but currently not solid enough to nail down the reason for the hang. More information on the specific circumstances which cause this issue are being looked into as we continue to reach out and research.
  4. Joystick buttons 32+ not working - Priority has taken a step back in place of continued work on performance improvements. Still on the development radar, however.
  5. Severe performance problems since Update 5 - Navmesh refinement going into Update 9 should resolve this specific portion of the performance issues encountered. That is not to say all performance issues will be fixed on deployment of Update 9 - work on this will continue.
  6. Expose telemetry data for motion simulators - Investigation pending.
  7. Some in-game stats the codex & journal are not updating - Currently under investigation with QA working to reliably reproduce the issue.
  8. Supercruise Stuck at 0 - This issue has been reliably reproduced internally by our QA team, but could be caused by a variety of connection issues. Further investigation pending.
  9. Issues with Atmospheric Lighting - The primary issue (the balance of light tint) has been fixed for Update 9. As mentioned in previous Top 20 Issue breakdowns, further lighting issues will need to be reported and further tackled individually.
  10. FPS drops and crashes around settlements - We deployed a hotfix to prevent scatter rocks from affecting the navmesh it to rebuild, resulting in the stutter. Currently watching to see if this has fixed the issue.
  11. Powerplay - No CC income in formerly contested systems - This is unfortunately not a quick or easy fix, so we're currently at a 'TBD' stage with progress on this one. It's in our line of sight though, of course and we'll hopefully have more updates as we move on this one.
  12. Illegal Goods incorrectly attract -25% 'Stolen' markdown - The design team are currently investigating this issue. It may be possible to fix this in time for Update 9, but we'll make it a priority to update you on progress regardless.
  13. Planets and Moons orbit lines not visible in the FSS when in VR - Currently this is not possible due to how the camera interacts in VR. We're absolutely recognising it as n issue, however this is at the moment secondary in priority to performance improvements.
  14. SRV compass targets appear to be at great height - A fix has been implemented with the change to be deployed in Update 9, pending QA confirmation.
  15. System and Galaxy map misalignment in widescreen aspect ratios (21:9) - Requires significant/fundamental changes. The team are aware, of course and further updates on the issue will be provided when we have them.
  16. Illumination of background planets is tied to illumination of player ship by the illuminating star - Similar to the above brightness/contrast issue: could be related to system limitations but otherwise may require further overhauls.
  17. Incorrect brightness/contrast adjustment depending on angle between camera ship and star - This will require investigation into changing the way lighting has worked since before Odyssey. The issue is held with the team internally, we're aware, however performance improvements must be tackled first before movements can happen with this.
  18. Fleet Carrier info in system map is incomplete - This issue is due to be assessed soon. Once tackled, we'll have a more certain expected release estimate for you all.
  19. Discovered systems show validating - Appears related to the way we identify Xbox Gamer Tags - A fix is still being worked on.
  20. Thermal conduit too strong and wrong damage increase - Changes have been made, however further changes are required from design. Aiming for Update 9 but will of course let you know with more confidence as soon as we're able.

Fixes for Known, Immediate Issues:
As a small taster of things to come, I'm including a few (there are more! Not disregarding the more) of the known, immediate issues we've managed to tackle as part of the forthcoming update so far.
These are essentially issues which have fallen out of recent updates and had a frustrating impact all of their own, but haven't made it into the top 20:
  • Selling cargo results in 'Yellow Adder' error (since update 7) - Resolved, pending QA.
  • Paintjobs not visible in multicrew - Resolved, pending QA.
  • Ship HUD visible in external camera view of Camera Suite - Resolved, pending QA.
  • When using a Hatch Breaker Limpet on any Cargo Hatch or Escape Pod on a non-dockable megaship an invalid limpet target error is shown - Resolved, pending QA.
  • Stations Visibly Pop/Load In After Manually Jumping Out Of Supercruise - Resolved, pending QA.
  • Re-balance cockpit canopy effects - Pending QA
  • Ship Engine Smoke Trails Appear Ahead Of The Ship After Exiting Supercruise - Resolved, pending QA.
Apologies, but to focus primarily on a view to call out progress with fixes and Top 20 status progression in this post, I won't be including the "Immediate Open Known Issues" in this post too.
Just because that list isn't here today does not mean it doesn't count anymore - just to reassure you. Everything we collect here together and that's been acknowledged is still very much under the wing.

Thanks millions.

As always, (pretty much what the guys say when they type up these things) please do continue to remember that this a reflection of the current situation as we see it, and the planned release for these fixes is subject to change following testing.

o7, Commanders.
See you in the black.


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Thanks @sallymorganmoore :)

When you or one of the other CMs get a mo (I know that's unlikely right now haha) could we get a view on whether you believe this is expected behaviour or if it is bugged? - https://issues.frontierstore.net/issue-detail/45121

Thanks and keep up the good work!
The vast majority of that post is not a bug. It's how looking for sites works in Odyssey. If you can show that Needle Clusters still don't drop the highest grade materials, then that is a bug. But you'd want to edit the issue to reflect that.
Cheers for the return of the PP CC one - it is the repost of a more than year-old previous issue that was incorrectly marked as fixed (https://issues.frontierstore.net/issue-detail/19523) and CC bugs that essentially break how Powerplay works (the math) can throw long-term planning and execution of everyone involved down the drain, looking forward to it finally getting investigated and fixed.
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...I hope they'll solve also the hardpoints randomly not firing.

Since Odyssey release I have C1 engineered (LR with feedback/superpen) rails not firing... or firing once and then being locked up.

They work flawlessly in Horizons.
Seems they got instructed to not talk about that in stream, so many comments ignored, and despite it being #2 since yesterday, it did not show up in their list (dated yesterday).
It's not in their list because their list are the top 20 from the Odyssey bugs. The FSD bug was posted under Horizons 3.8.
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