Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Update 5

Good lord I didn't see fix the DSS for VR in that list.
If this is the last update for a long while and they didn't fix that it absolutely kills the game for me.
It's not there (so presumably not in the game either...). But really important things like "Renamed 'Settlements Visited' to 'Settlements Docked At'." are included, so that's all fine then.

People complained of a short roadmap. Now we'll get long lists of really mundane stuff.
Wait...nope...I misread "Now mission boards will have a maximum of one mission of each type going to any single settlement." as something that would make the game not a pain in the butt.

That's kinda nasty...
What was wrong with having 6 reactivation missions targeting the same settlement. I could pick only one anyway, but there was a choice involved (based on materials or issuing faction)
OR i missread it?
There was no indication on UI update to mission status while in the ship especially for the on-foot missions. It is almost impossible to know which mission has been complete and which is not.
Good morning Sally, thank you for joining us this morning hope all is well with you and good luck with this update.
Are you able to confirm if there is to be an extended list to Mr Braben's road map? Or a second stage road map for us to view, or are we at a cul-de-sac for now? Forgive the pun
((Please don't tell us to buy a TomTom go or Garmin LOL), meant as humour not sarcasm.)
Anyway you have a good day today, we all appreciate your being here.

Do you know if the Issue with updating via Steam has defo been sorted or is there still a chance of the pesky Orange snakes again?
Great work. I hope the NPC getting stuck in a settlement wall and still being able to fire AT you but unable to be hit, has been fixed. Otherwise, loving Odyssey! Despite the initial flaws. Well done to everyone working on the fixes. Keep 'em coming!
Fixed Reactivation, Restore and Recovery missions targeting settlements owned by factions that are not the mission provider.
This will be interesting - it makes sense narratively, but (especially combined with the "no duplicates" rule) will seriously reduce the number of these missions available and make most of them in-system only.

Can someone explain why fumaroles are relevant on Odyssey?
In Odyssey (but not Horizons) the materials you got from volcanism were always G1 rather than the G1-G4 mix they should be.

Not the most important Odyssey materials fix - since the greater amount of metallic meteorites largely made up for it anyway - but still one which had got a lot of complaints over the last few weeks.
(probably happens in the server, rather than client update, so could easily be in but not on the patch notes)

fair comment though and might be a question for Sally to confirm smear campaigns fix applied.
There is a section in the patch notes for server updates. So if fix is server side, it should be in that section.
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