Endless game option

I Think it is great to have a game mode, like the earlier Jurassic Park:Operation genesis. So to create a random map for the first. Set the entrance building as you wish. All the challenges but you must to research all the dinos and stuff to build it while the running game.
P.s sorry for my bad englisch but i hope you will understand it, what i mean ;)
I made a suggestion a while back of when starting a sandbox you'd have the option to have research and genomes complete or not so if you wanted to actually PLAY the game (send out dig teams and do research) with just certain custom rules (like dino comfort and infinite feeders) you could. Don't think it caught frontier's eye. :-/
There's a lot of big incompatibilities I've been aware of for a long long time this game has to have a complete randomizing map layout generating system in place, which is why I honestly, truly don't believe it's entirely possible for something like this to come in the game.
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