Ships Engineered DBX doesn't boost to specified velocity

I'm now using this build as my bubble taxi, it's not for exploring. Both Coriolis and the outfitting screen in game say I should be able to boost to 507m/s, but the best I can get out of it is around 480.

DBX Bubble Taxi

Is this a particular quirk of the ship? - I've never owned one until now.

Also, if I'm using this ship to taxi out to Thargoid infested space and get hyperdicted, will the 'goids turn on me when they notice Guardian technology? It does say in lore that they do, so should I be fitting the shutdown field neutralizer to use if I get hyperdicted so I can still run and jump away?

Thanks - Si
Have you FULLY G5'd your thrusters? Coriolis assumes 100% engineered at each grade. If your at say 80% then the optimal multiplier will be less than Coriolis.

I'm pretty sure that cargo and fuel weight will also affect boost speeds.

Do an export from Inara or ED Discovery to check you ACTUAL ship stats. Compare to your paper build.
100% G5 thrusters, Ive checked the Inara info dump. Definately not carrying any cargo. Four pips to engines. Boosting from top speed. I think Maymo is right, it's a quirk of the DBX. Deceleration is very quick from boosted speed. I've managed to get it up to about 500m/s once now, but still not the maximum specified speed. Oh well, it's not that much of a big deal really. It just would have been nice to have such a fast ship that has such a good jump range as well.
DBX requires a couple of boosts from standstill to get up to full speed. It's just how the boost cycle and boost multiplier work for the DBX...

Viper for eg have crazy boost multiplier so they get to full speed really quickly. DB's have a really low multiplier, small boost window and a heavy hull all meaning you need to be moving a lot already to reach max speed. And with the cycle being so short you'll start to decelerate almost as soon as you reach top speed as well.
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