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Very excited by this. Looks like that the famous city of Western-most Skyrim has been recreated very faithfully, although it will be a very different place to what we saw in TESV. At this point in history, the city is not controlled by the Nords, or even the Empire. It is truly independent, being under the control of Reachmen. Yes. We are finally going to interact with Reachmen at a more intimate level.

The zone looks beautiful, and it looks like there's also going to be a bit more exploration of Dwemer secrets, as the exploration of Blackreach expands further. And of course, there's a vampire threat to deal with, along with an army of werewolves.

The really big surprise though, was that this DLC is bringing in a new solo arena, the first since the Orsinium DLC, launched way back in 2015.

As ever, I am extremely excited.

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