Parks Evergreen Meadows

This is something of a tribute to one of my favourite scenarios from RCT1 - Evergreen Gardens.

This isn't a 1:1 replication of that map, but it captures what I feel made it one of the best scenarios in the game; giving players the ability to create a theme park around a river that flows into a large lake.

There's no water in Planet Coaster just yet, so I've placed blue roofing tiles at water level, they're all in a single building and can be deleted in one click when water is added for real.

Here's a screenshot:

...and here's a download link:

To play this map, simply unzip the file and place it in:

C:\Users\ +++YOURUSERNAMEHERE+++ \Saved Games\Frontier Developments\Planet Coaster
Thanks Paul, This is amazingly enchanting.
And bring back so many memories. [big grin]
Even if we didn't have water, the work with the terrain editor is great! [up]
Is it okay for you, when i maybe use this map for my (german) timelapse Lets Play Series on YouTube? No problem if not, but i saw the Screenshot and i was instantly in love with this Map!
Thanks Paul. Great clean design, has the look of a scenario map waiting to be populated - love it. Really liked your idea of using the roof tiles with the "water ready" landscaping terrain beneath, allows for really nice shoreline effects as is. Thanks for sharing the save file.
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