Experiencing an issue with ASCII exports in TMTK recently?

I might be wrong, but at the moment I struggle uploading an ASCII 6.1 exported object from Blender into the TMTK. I always get back a white object in Planco, not recognizing the included textures.

The thing is, if I export the exact same Blender object with the Binary 7.4 settings, the object seems to be fine in Planco.

I checked all correct spellling of Material Name and Texture Names, etc.
Anybody else experiencing the same issue or did I miss something?
I had this problem one time. For me it was because I had "spaces" in my material name (ex : "MATERIAL 01"). So i got rid of the space (ex : "MATERIAL_01"). And it worked for me.
Of course you have to rename your textures too (ex : "MATERIAL_01_BC" and not "MATERIAL 01_BC").
Hope it will fix your problem.
Thanks Castaway for your message. In my case I checked this already, and when exporting Binary 7.4, it works fine, but not when exporting Ascii 6.1. Anyone else experienced the same?
Hi spoonetti, thanks for your message. Yes I know this thread very well and I always follow exactly those recommendations. I also was able to have succesfully get ascii 6.1 exports in Planco the weeks before, but struggle with new ones since this weekend. Will do some further checks tonight.
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