Explaining that challenge mode rewards don't need you to beat par time

An extremely common misconception is that you need to beat the par time to get the reward. Unless it is the case this time, I'd suggest communicating that it isn't (considering so many more people will be exposed to it this time).

You could:
  • call it something else, "estimated time" for example.
  • make the text for it smaller, playing down its importance.
  • mention that par isn't required
The par time thing would actually scare me off for the longest time. The name of it is fine, but the assumption that it's required to beat it for rewards was the problem. I hate time locked completions. When JWE2 was first announced I whined that I couldn't finish everything in the first game and someone finally told me that I didn't need to get below/faster than par time to get the cosmetics -.-'
Yesterday I finally finished the last island challenge thing on Jurassic difficulty. So it took me from June 11 til yesterday to get them all done.
Long story short, if the devs could at least note it in-game when selecting challenge mode if the par time is a hard requirement to receive the rewards or not this time that would be great.
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