Exploration Rank/Sightseeing Missions

I'm concerned. I used to get a few percentage points of exploration rank for each passenger sightseeing mission.

New patch:
Made a quick BILLION void opal mining (four runs in a Python over 16 hours), earning Elite rank in Trading.
I then went out and did my first real exploration run outside the bubble to unlock Prof Palin, making a 12K LY loop, found my first ELW (we should get to name our first one [big grin]), and cashing out my scan data ranked me up to Pioneer 15%.

So, at my new rank, I just took a quick Sightseeing mission, three sights, "Elite" mission rating, above my current rank, $8.5M payout for easy passenger with naught but the "demanding" trait, and my Exploration rank meter did not move upon completion. Have they nerfed the rank payout for Sightseeing runs? Or did my rank up to Pioneer just lessen their effectiveness so it takes multiple runs to get a single percentage point bump?
If it's a bubble sightseeing mission, with multiple sights, and not a deep space one (to go to a tourist beacon and back), then it would reward trade rank progression, not exploration.
Still, even tourist missions that do reward exploration rank progression award less (per Cr earned) than exploration does. With the pumped-up payouts, as long as you're finding undiscovered stuff, you'll get to Elite pretty soon.
"Sightseeing Adventure" passenger missions DO count towards exploration rank. I tested this last night and roughly 10% of the mission payout counts towards exploration rank. So if you are Pioneer rank then you will go up about 1% for every 20 million made in sightseeing adventure missions. You can test this at Robigo Mines.

You could rank from 0% Aimless to Elite Explorer by earning 3,180,000,000 in sightseeing adventure missions. 10% of that is 318 million.

I figured the math while rank Pioneer. Takes 202 million from 0% Pioneer to Elite per Wiki. Did 63 million worth of sightseeing missions and gained 3% rank. 202×.03=6.06 63÷6.06=10.039 so roughly 10%. I have made about several more runs and gain 1% Pioneer rank per 20 million.

I have heard the longer passenger missions that say "person wants to go here and collect data" add more % of the payout towards rank but have not confirmed myself.

I am at 46% Pioneer and my codex says I have only turned in 91 million worth of exploration data because majority of my rank was from Robigo Mines.
I am sure you are elite now but just in case someone else runs into this thread thought I would share.

Your payout was 8.5 million so 10% of that was 850,000. Which is less than half a percent of rank from pioneer to elite. 1% would be barely over 2 million.
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