Factory and Base Building.

A Suggestion coming very often I guess.
So why not add another One.

I think it would be Great if we could Build Stuff in ED Universe.
Idea on how it would Work to not Pollute the Universe would be rather easy as well.

Player Structures should only be Allowed to be Build on Planets.
Basicly Players could Build Factories, Mining Sites and Trading Posts.

The Structure would be Player Managed.
The Player can Add Money, Set a Selling Price and Buying Price for things the Station Trades or Produces.

What the Station Trades and Produces Depends on the Station.

Station Types.

Mining Outpost.
Mining Outposts can be Build on any Planet that has Ressources that can be Mined for.
And will Produce the 3-5 most Common Ressources of that Planet.

To Remain Functional it needs Fuel and Machinery.

Factories of Goods.
There should be one Factory for each Good.
Factories unlike Mining Outposts will only Produce one Good.

And unlike Mining Outposts which will only Need Fuel and Machinery to Constantly Produce Raw Materials.
A Factory will in Addition to that. Need Base Materials Required for that Good.

Trading Posts:
These will be General Outpost Stations for the Players.
He can Set Buying and Selling Prices on this Trading Post.

Players can use them as Hubs to Buy the Required Ressources and Sell the Products of their Factories in a Central Position.
Trading Posts can be Directly Linked to the Players Factories and Mining Posts. So Ressources are Automaticly Transported to and from the Trading Post.
(In Exchange for some Cost and with Needing more Time the Further away the Trading Outpost is from the Respective Factory)

Each Station Type has its own Upgrades.
A Mining Outpost for example can be Upgraded to Produce Faster or more Efficient.
Or to Dig Deeper and thus get Materials that are more Rare on the Planet.
Factories might be Upgraded to Produce Secondary Products or have less Cost per Good.

In Addition.
All Stations can have a Common Set of Upgrades.
Including a Hangar for Keeping Ships of the Player.
Outfitting Bays, Additional Landing Pads etc.

Since Player Surfaces are Gigantic.
This would make sure that the Universe wont be Polluted by Players having Stations everywhere.
As the Planetary Outposts are Small compared to the Game World and usually stay out of the Eyes of people.

Of Course you can also add a Hard or Soft Limit.
So Players can only have Limited Outposts.
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