Fake a rotor

I thought of this, if they are not going to make a rotor any time soon, it can be faked with a real ride we already have. The Centrum. The ride sequences can be edited so that it doesn’t rise and tilt, just spin horizontally. A building can be built around it to resemble a rotor, there is one on the workshop based on Worlds of Fun’s Finnish Fling building, not sure if the Centrum would fit inside. And those light up letters from Vintage Pack could be used to spell out Rotor on the outside of the building. This would be a cool workaround until they make a real Rotor if they ever do. Rotors were common in classic parks, there’s still some left. Here’s the workshop Rotor building someone made https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=956005202&searchtext=Finnish
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Well there you go then. No need for Frontier to make a real Rotor now and you don't have to ask for one anymore ;) I'd rather them focus on the more unique rides.
I just tried it with this rotor building from the workshop and deleted the Venetian carousel inside and replaced it with the Centrum. The circular part that spins just fits inside the rotor building with a circular interior using walls. The only thing is that the ride base sticks out of the building but that’s ok. The Centrum, with the tilting sequences deleted acts just like a rotor and just spins horizontally. It’s a neat workaround since I doubt Frontier will make a rotor like the RCT3 ones. But they made a bunch of other vintage/classic rides already. I like the Whip, Scrambler, etc. Here is a screenshot of what I did.

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