Fastest Cyclops Kills - World Records?

I got my Cyclops stuck in a cave just now. I mean REALLY stuck. Thankfully I hadn't saved after I entered, so I can rewind time a bit and try again. This time I'll leave a beacon at the entrance / exit.

Oh wait, wrong game! My bad...
That still makes no sense to me. Why counting something like time of finding a Cyclop, scan it and time when it's blow up animation is done? This thread is a joke to me right now. You can keep me on a leaderboard or not, I don't care. You made this thread wondering how fast you can kill a Goid, but you are making some strange rules.

Start should be when you engage it, and stop when it's hull gets to 0%.
I said it in my first post:
"This guy did it in 1min 20secs - from jump in to blow up."
But I guess you are right, it should be about engagement time, first shot to zero health.

I started the thread to get some tips, but Im already bored with updating it, and it hasnt helped by kill ratio/ability at all. In fact Im playing a lot worse now than in the video, and I havent had one kill since the day after I made it. You guys make it look easy, so will keep trying.
as far as "legitimate records" (not using premium instagibs, destroy all 4 hearts) I've personally done cyclops in 2 minutes and 30 seconds and I've seen a more experienced pilot kill Medusa in 4:30
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I think really interesting would be kill times without the use of shard cannons. Or Any Guardian weapons at all lol

Ok, here is my latest effort. I'd say this was 2:04 from jump in to blow up, so getting better.

It would help if I didnt keep using up shield cells every 5 seconds due to me pressing the wrong keys by mistake. ;)

The kill itself was 18 seconds, and having weakened it to 70%, it was easy to rush in and finish him.
I used a few Vanadium to boost the shards up a bit, and this certainly helped with my poor skills!, although you may notice the thargoid was dead before my last shot hit, so with one leg off the shard boost was overkill.
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