Favourite Thargoid Design

Out of all the delicious Thargoid content in the game, what's your favourite bit of Thargoid tech? This counts everything related to Thargoids - their buildings, their weapons, their music, et cetera.

Personally, I'm torn between Scavengers (who I find really adorable, in a spooky kind of way) and the groans/horns that the Thargoids use to make sound. It's like the Reaper noises from Mass Effect - just hearing a Thargoid, even a peaceful one, make those weird noises freaks me out if I'm wearing headphones.
The ground sites are the winner for me. They are huge. Like a mountain range. Then you can go inside and its even creepier. I have a picture for a desktop and every time it comes up I am put in mind of The Mountains of Madness.
Oh yes,the probe i ran into a while ago was deffo a highlight.But i was newbier,and didn't take notes to where it was.
I love the scouts, full on mars attacks action! An they helpfully let me repeatedly miss them until i got half decent with gauss.
Now they mainly just let me explode them, if i am not too drunk.

The Hydra is so elegant looking. The flower ships in general are a brilliant design for an alien ship. The UA design was also cool when it was first discovered, and felt believably alien.
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