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Hello Commanders, and welcome to the seventeenth Featured Commanders thread of 2019. This week we're talking to the master of moustaches, Elite Dangerous Commander extraordinare and partnered Twitch streamer... Bognogus!

o7 Bognogus, thanks for chatting to us! Let's start by asking how and when did you find out about Elite Dangerous?
Hello, thanks for having me! I first found out about Elite Dangerous after I played Freelancer and wanted to find some other similar games. I found PaleGringo playing Elite Dangerous on Twitch, and shortly after in October of 2016, I made my first Commander.

What got you hooked on the game?
I loved that I could go wherever I wanted to. I could visit Sol (which had more of an impact than I thought it would), dock in ridiculous ways, fly down to planets, go canyon running... there's too many things to list. Elite Dangerous has so many aspects of other games that I love, all wrapped up in this incredible package. Add to that, there's still years of development to come!

How long have you been streaming Elite Dangerous?
I first started streaming on Twitch around a year and a half ago!

What's your favourite piece of content you've created around Elite Dangerous?
Three streamers (including myself) were invited to go to a fundraising event called Gamers for Giving in Michigan, US to raise funds for Gamers Outreach. They're a charity who provide recreation and therapy through the power of video games to kids who're in hospital. While there, we featured Elite Dangerous and created a race where the community could donate and make things harder for us. It was a lot of fun and hilarious to watch. Through their efforts we funded a GO Kart, which is a portable, medical-grade, video game kiosk. It enables hospital staff to easily provide bedside recreation to children who are unable to leave their rooms in hospitals.

That's so wonderful, and generous of your community! If you could give one piece of advice to the Elite Dangerous community, what would it be?
Here's a cool little thing I like to tell people; grab a pen and paper - got one? Cool! Now, draw a random scribble on that piece of paper, go nuts with that pen. Now, take a moment to look at that paper you have just drawn on. Now think about how big our universe is - it's unfathomably large, right? The best thing about being an artist - which you now are, congratulations! - is that nowhere in the universe can you find what you have in your hands. Your art, it's unique, it's one of a kind, stars have exploded in all the right specific order for you to make that art. Be proud of your work. So get out there and show the world your ideas! Don't be afraid to show who you are.

Awesome idea! Are there any other content creators you’d like to give a shout out to?
There are so many out there, that it's hard to choose only a few...so I'll choose 5!
  • Mr_W4RpATH: A fantastic Twitch streamer who has so many credits in the game, it's crazy. He can help you with so many aspects of the game!
  • Lucanaii: She's started playing Elite Dangerous fairly recently, but has picked up the game instantly and is great to watch. Her community is incredibly friendly and helpful.
  • ObsidianAnt: We all know about him on YouTube, but now he's streaming on Twitch! You can chat with the man himself and find out more about the videos he's produced!
  • TheMidnicorn: Mids is amazing. She's a real-life experimental quantum physicist! Because of her incredible knowledge, she can explain what's actually happening in Elite and has one of the nicest communities I've ever been a part of.
  • PaleGringo: He knows E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G! Seriously. He's quad-Elite and is always willing to help others in the community. He'll stop what he's doing just to show someone the answer to their question. He's amazing.
That a fantastic list, we hope everyone reading this will check them out! Do you have any cool projects on the horizon you’d like to tell us about?
Several! This coming year, I'll be part of P168 (which is 168 hours of continuous broadcasting) streaming in support of Special Effect and raising donations for them. I'll be creating a secret squadron that aims to be in the top 10 for all leaderboards. I'll also recently started a new YouTube series that aims at helping new and experienced Commanders with various aspects of Elite!

Where can people find you online?
Thank you Bognogus, and we can't wait to see what you'll create in the future!

If you're reading this and would like to be interviewed as a Featured Commander, apply here.
Bog's streams are always a pleasure to watch and he's so wholesome and positive even when flying through stations in supercruise or getting stuck in white dwarfs... always fun to watch with his crazy antics and lore-oriented questing/exploring, engages with his awesome viewers (Mustache Riders unite!), great music choice... all around a great hangout for other commanders to just shoot the biowaste.... o7!
That is a pretty epic mustache, really spot on without being an atrocious crime against humanity. Good luck in your endeavors, CMDR! :)
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