Featured Commanders Featured Event: The Road Trip

Paige Harvey

Community Manager
Hello Commanders, and welcome to the second Featured Event thread of 2019! Falling under "Featured Commanders", Featured Events will take a look at past, present and upcoming events taking place in Elite Dangerous and organised by our awesome Commanders!

This week we're talking to the player group, Alchemy Den, who are running a 24 hour event in support of Extra Life.


Hello Commanders, could you explain a little bit about your event to us. What's it all about?
We'll be driving (and livestreaming) from the north pole to south pole on a planet in an SRV over 24 hours. We're doing this to (hopefully) raise $1,000 for the charity, Extra Life which supports local Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. There'll be drop-in Commanders that will come in and drive along side me (CMDR Arburich) for parts of the event, as well as giveaways during the event of ship skins, kits, and other various Frontier Store items!

When and where is your stream taking place?
The stream will begin on May 4, at 9AM CST. We'll be streaming continuously for 24 hours on www.twitch.tv/arburich.

That's sounds wonderful, and it's for such a great cause! Which planet will you be navigating, in case another Commander wants to take a look?
We'll be at 59 Virginis 6 B A.

Do you have a message for the Elite Dangerous community that you'd like to share?
We at Alchemy Den take enormous pride in helping others with every chance we get. We strive to be more than just a faction in the galaxy of Elite Dangerous. Helping others is a large part of who I am, but also a large part of who we as a group are. We might be small, and we might not be able to do much, but what we can do is provide 100% of our hearts to help those in need! :)

This sounds absolutely fantastic and we're super excited to see how much you're able to raise over the 24 hour stream!

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