Fer de Lance

Now, what do you think the plural of Fer de Lance is?
Fers de Lance?
Fer des Lance?
Fer de Lances?
is there an official plural of Fer de Lance?
Q: What is the correct nomenclature when two or more Fer de Lance are together?

A: A group of Gankers
A gathering of Griefers​
A show of force​
The Thin Blue Line​
Plethora of Huge Hardpoints​
Yes I am being whimsical, not offence is meant to those who tend to take offence at these sorts of thing ….
But seriously, folks ...

My French is not up to snuff on this, and I really would like to know what the plural of Fer de Lance is.
Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
These are all great answers in their own right, but answers to a slightly different question. :LOL:
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