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Hi CMDRs - can any NZ Elite Dangerous players advise which ISP they use to play (PC version)? I began playing ED on Vodafone ADSL back in 2015, but when I moved houses I changed to Flip VSDL. Little did I know that Flip only provides dynamic IP addresses, so I was no longer able to play ED without getting 'IP address changed mid-session' and 'could not connect to matchmaking server' errors kicking me out of the game. I've not been able to play ED for 18 months without getting these regular errors that make playing ED impossible. I've played other games instead but have really missed ED.

Now my street has finally been connected to fibre, I'm hoping I'll be able to get a new connection and start playing ED again without the errors. Current NZ ED players: what ISPs and type of connection do you use? Do you pay extra for a fixed IP address?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.

CMDR Totinges
Haven't got fibre but I am with Vodafone and I have a high speed connection. It seems fine. Never have any issues with connection. Any server errors are always at the server end.
We are with Voyager Internet (fibre) at home and work, and have no problems at all. Home speed is 100/20 and work is 200/200. Static IP comes with the connection.
Haha, we exist! Thanks CMDRs, that gives me a bit of confidence that fibre might address my problem. I'll ring the ISPs to see if their helpdesk people can confirm whether or not their fibre is delivered with static or dynamic IPs. I think I read on some other thread that ISPs in NZ generally use dynamic addresses as a way to minimise load on the international cable, because we have such a limited wholesale market.
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