Roller Coasters First indoor-outdoor coaster

Video recorded with Nvidia Shadowplay

Testing some recording software Obc streaming and Nvidia
First indoor coaster I made,it need some tweaks here and there.

<span id="result_box" class="short_text" lang="en"><span>[video=youtube;DlyKfpNyDXU][/video]
Very nice, however, you have to watch the clearances as in several spots I noticed the peeps would hit their heads. Other than that very nicely done.
what parkmaker said, also the 2nd lift hill wasnt needed :D would look alot smoother if that was removed
Thanks for the tips [big grin]

I tweak d the coaster and the castle a bit .

Much better. Unfortunately at this time there isn't much you can do about the placement of the supports (especially at about 3:04 - 3:05), but maybe when the coaster builder is finished we will be able to move them.
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Thanks [big grin] what I really need is water and smoke when Alpha 2 comes out I delete al save games and start from scratch [haha][haha][haha]
I love this game !
So I tweak t it here and there again [big grin] this is the final version I am happy with it ,time for a new design but no [pirate] this time !

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