"Fixed" Commanders or Ships we could grew fond of..

During simulated test missions we meet Tanya Blaine, who helps us out and keeps us busy for a while.

We were quessing if she would be findable in game, but messenger support believes she might not be in game except the test mission simulation.

She was particularly interesting as a person, and also the simulation systems were interesting as one is locked in-game :)

That said, there are little or no stationery persons or ships we could tie to lore research, or ad-hoc missions. Tanya could be (if she is really unfindable in game) a perfect solution we could interact, help, do stuff for.

There is one i really like: Ariel, and that ship keeps me busy finding out whatever I can on her... and the Hidden Contact missions plus environment and other - seemingly unrelated - thing that accompany her.

What I am Implying, you could put in game fixed persons/ships like Ariel, Tanya.. or others. They act as anchor points that we know and grew fond of...

You could add different (seemingly unique) missions we could do for or with them.

I think many would be delighted to follow such Commander(s) or ship(s)

You could also give them fixed alliance to major forces like Pilots Federation, or those that will help later with the lore itself

Later on, you could use them to play out major lore.

My two cents, if you are interested.
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