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Hello All,

Forgive me if this has been discussed elsewhere as I could not find a dedicated forum for fleet carriers (FC) and I am returning to the game after a long break.

Can fleet carriers sell materials relating to engineers, such as Modular Terminals? If so, is there a way to search for commodities being sold by FCs?

Thanks for the help Cmdrs.
Yes they can. I've just picked up some Modular Terminals myself.

Search Inara for the module and location. You'll get a selection of FC's with the quantities on board.

Bear in mind the selling price as the maximum is over 22k cr per unit so don't pay over the odds for a unit worth around 3k cr. Also try and visit in a medium ship as most of the carriers I visited didn't have a large pad so it could save you a long journey.

Good luck!
Really?! Ha!

I was playing in solo. Could they have been full then? Didn't think NPC could fill carrier.
Carrier CMDRs can choose not to let people dock at all - could it have been that, or did you manage to dock the same carrier with smaller ships?

Edit: For instance


(also Interesting - seems the elusive CMDR Validating is in Diso :D)
I was literally just looking for a random carrier to illustrate my point - I saw that one and did a double-take ... hang on ... VALIDATING - HE'S ALIVE! :ROFLMAO:
I just dropped into Skeggiko O I was looking for my mate's new carrier, scrolling through the ships I notice six FC's owned by the for mentioned CMDR Validating, no wonder he's discovered so much!
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